Competition for high-school students: Award your school library with 100 new books!

Upon the beginning of the academic year the project ‘Library’ announces a competition for schools. Students are encouraged to create photo and video stories or write essays on topics regarding literature and libraries. At the end of the competition, shortly before the celebration of Latvia’s centenary, Baltic International Bank will give an opportunity to the winning school to replenish its library with 100 new books.

To participate in the competition, students should choose one of the following topics to create the story on: ‘My favourite book in my school library’, ‘The world without printed books’, ‘A book with temper’.

Schools that wish to participate in the project and have their students involved in the competition need to apply by October 1st this year. The student submitted works are evaluated by their school, and no more than three of the best should then be submitted to the project administration by October 19th this year.

Participation in the competition is limited to 9th to 12th grade students, as well as students from vocational secondary education institutions (colleges, vocational secondary schools, vocational schools, technical schools, etc.). Students are allowed to take part individually or in teams of up to three people. Read more on the competition rules at the project ‘Library’ website at www.manabiblioteka.lv.

The project ‘Library’ is fuelled by Baltic International Bank, a long-standing patron of Latvian literature. The project invites to publish stories about the importance of literature in people’s lives, stories about personal libraries, their content, and their emotional and professional value. The project involves Latvian writers and other active creators of Latvian literary life.

The development of Latvian literature is one of the long-term public support endeavours of Baltic International Bank. The Bank financially supports the publishing of books of national importance and the implementation of literary projects, based on the conviction that the foundation of every nation’s national identity lays in the knowledge of its culture and history.

More information on the project “Library” website: www.manabiblioteka.lv and social networking profiles on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.