Fostering the development of literature


The development of Latvian literature is one of the long-term public support endeavours of Baltic International Bank. We at the Baltic International Bank are pleased to have been able to support a range of literary works of significance to Latvian literature and culture.

Being convinced that the foundation of every nation’s national identity lays in the knowledge of its culture and history, Baltic International Bank financially supports the publishing of books of national importance and the implementation of projects involving literature. (for example, exhibitions, presenting the Annual Latvian Literary Award (LaLiGaBa)).

Individual writers and authors that have at least one published book in their portfolio, as well as booksellers and other public or private sector organizations implementing literature projects at a national level may be eligable for funding.

Each submitted project is evaluated individually, including by representatives of Baltic International Bank and the philanthropist, supporter of Latvian literature, owner of Baltic International Bank, Valērijs Belokoņs. The decision on whether the funding will be granted is made within a month.

To learn more about the options for receiving support, please contact us via e-mail: .