‘Family Coats of Arms in Contemporary Latvia’ (2020)

Unique edition in two parts. The first part – ‘Family Coats of Arms in Contemporary Latvia’ – contain an introduction by Imants Lancmanis – an insight into the history of the coats of arms in the territory of Latvia from the earliest times to the present day. Heraldic descriptions of the coats of arms approved by the National Heraldry Commission form the central part of this book, and this is the first time that the heraldic descriptions be translated into English (translation by DSc(Hist) Armands Vijups). This part of the book also include images of coats of arms in their heraldic colours, as well as a short glossary of heraldic terms will provide explanations of the visual components most commonly used in family coats of arms.

The introduction of the second part of the publication – ‘Family Generations and Coats of Arms’ – be written by PhD Daina Teters looking into the inquisitive topic of family coat of arms from a context of signs and symbols, or, in other words, – the semiotic context. The central part of the book be devoted to photographs of the owners of house coats of arms and their stories about the motivation behind creating a coat of arms, and a concise overlook on their family/kin