‘Glass’ (2016)

In Inga Gaile’s novel ‘Glass’ the action takes place from 1937 till 1939, when the authoritarian regime of Kārlis Ulmanis is established in Latvia. This is a time in Latvia’s history, many believe was the time of abundance, prosperity and order. The atmosphere in ‘Glass’ is unfortunately reminiscent of today’s Latvia – everything seems to be good, if you go along the stream, but as soon as your views on the good and the evil go against the views of the majority, bypasses, overlooking or attempts of curtail tend to take place.

The novel uses documentary facts and sources, but the characters, including their names and surnames, are completely fictional. The events described in the novel take place in some Strenči Psychiatric Hospital – it is only a coincidence that it is called the same as the existing one, and all the events described therein are the author’s fantasy.

The book was published in the series ‘We. Latvia. XX Century.’ within the framework of the SCCF’s target programme ‘National Identity’.