‘I Won’t Die’ (2013)

Along with the opening of the personal exhibition of Ilmārs Blumbergs ‘I will not Die’ in Riga, a book by the same title was also published – a book that explores the life and art of Ilmārs Blumbergs. How does the artist perceive the essence of existance? How does his art reflect his perception? What major revelations has the artist worked with? What kind of personal experience does he leave in the structure, form and material of the artworks? How is the spirit of time reflected in the artist’s art, making the decision in favor of one or another solution? What kind of images or ideas does the author hide? Who is Ilmārs Blumbergs?

Ilmārs Blumbergs (1943-2016) was a Latvian artist, stage designer and graphic artist. One of the most prominent Latvian trendsetters in the 1970s in the innovative stage design. He received the honorary title of the People’s artist of the Latvian Soviet Socialistic Republic. In 1995, Blumbergs was awarded the Order of the Three Stars (4th class). In 2009, he received the Latvian theatre award of ‘Players’ Night’ („Spēlmaņu nakts”) for Lifetime Contribution.