‘Joseph and His Brothers’ (2012)

Translation of the play ‘Joseph and His Brothers” by Rainis into Ukranian.

‘Joseph and His Brothers’ is one of the essentials of the Latvian literary heritage, ne of Rainis’ most outstanding dramatic works. The play has been performed on scene several times and is still being modernized. The play contains many personal experiences, reflections, and insights.

Rainis has derived the plot from the Bible, from the First Book of Moses. The legend of Joseph makes it possible to talk about the most important issues of humanity. Joseph, with his dream of a new world provokes hatred between brothers and cruel treatment. Dumped in a pit and sold in slavery, he arrives in Egypt. In Egypt Joseph managed to attain a high position in the society and is in a completely different status compared to his brothers who come to Egypt in search for food on a year of hunger. What will their new relationships be like? Unlike the Joseph that we know from the Bible – Joseph, who calmly accepts God’s will, the Joseph by Rainis is a contradictory man, very human and complex. That is what makes him so close and understandable to readers and viewers. Joseph is a man with his pain, longing, love and hatred. He wants justice, although the pillars of the existing reality should be crushed.

Translator – Jurijs Sadlovskis