‘My 20th Century’ (2019)

The collection of memories with the name ‘My 20th Century’ is an important testimony about the events in Latvia during the latter half of the 20th century. The book illustrates the spirit of Latvian National Awakening and the period of reclaiming independence.

The collection consists of four books, of which two are written in Latvian, two – in Russian.’Mans XX gadsimts’ (My 20th century) and ‘Vēstules no XX gadsimta’ (Letters from the 20th century).The book ‘My 20th century’, in collaboration with the journalist Georgs Stražnovs, is written in an unusual way – in the form of a Skype conversation between two coevals that tell stories about important turning points in Latvian history through the prism of personal life experiences. The author of ‘Letters from the 20th century’ shares with exceptional and very personal historical testimonies – personal letters sent by readers that the author has enhanced with corresponding stories. Both books reveal the unique national spirit of Latvians and Russians through the documented memories. It will help to learn, appraise and evoke discussions about the fight towards freedom and the role of creative personalities during it.

Marina Kosteņecka is one of the establishers of Popular Front of Latvia and an active fighter for the reclaiming of Latvia’s independence in the big politics. Her biography is closely intertwined with a very determinant period in history – the regaining of independence. The historic events had great impact on the author’s creative and personal life and the other way around – Marina Kosteņecka was an active part-taker in Latvia’s history. Hence why the author’s memories and stories have a notable value.