‘Officers’ Wives'(2017)

The novel ‘Officers’ Wives’ by Andra Manfelde reveals a picture that appeared in Liepaja Port of War in the 1970s – a place that once functioned as the Western border of the USSR and was inhabited by military men deployed by the Soviet Union, and their bright and loud wives. Manfelde introduces the reader with the female residents of this military camp, who were thirsty for life and, of course, love.

‘Whatever happens in this world, it seems to me that Andra Manfelde would observe it from the perspective of love. Of course, it also deals with homeland and home, but the heart of Andra is first and foremost open to her ‘Holy Trinity’: a woman, a man, and their continuation – a child. This love is present in every line of the novel.’ (Gundega Blumberga)

The book was published in the series ‘We. Latvia. XX Century.’ within the framework of the SCCF’s target programme ‘National Identity’.