‘Shakespeare with the Baltic Accent’ (2015)

A monograph by Guna Zeltiņa ‘Shakespeare. With the Baltic accent’ is the author’s diligent work of many years in exploring Shakespeare’s personality, his works and interpretations of his work in the theaters of the Baltics and other countries. What is the secret formula of Shakespeare’s never-ending popularity, with which his works are a go-go also in the 21st century, and whether Shakespeare has written the works that have been attributed to his name at all – these are just some of the questions the author is aspiring to provide answers for in this book.

In her research the author has also visited places where Shakespeare’s resided, as well as viewed theatre productions of his plays in different countries. The research has resulted in a 500-page, extensive study, in which Guna Zeltiņa presents her version of Shakespeare’s life and personality, his works and their topicality today.