‘The Glass Mountain’ (2017)

‘The Glass Mountain’ is a beautiful and modern trilogy, which includes the adaptation of the play by Rainis, a Latvian writer and poet, ‘The Golden Horse’ („Zelta zirgs”) in English, a book on the history of Latvia ‘Climbing the Mountain’, and a book by the name ‘The Castle of Light’ („Gaismas pils”). The books complement each other and form a beautiful and multi-layered image of Latvia. Trilogy brings together history and future, telling where do we come from and where are we going.

The book is dedicated to the younger generation of Latvians who grow up in exile – outside of Latvia. It is created with the aim to help maintaining the link between these individuals and Latvia and encourages the association of one’s place of origin with the place of birth of their parents and ancestors.

Translator – Vilis Inde

Artist – Miķelis Fišers

Editor – Kārina Pētersone

Literary editor – Kaija Straumanis

Publicist – Tom Jacobs

Book designer – Anna Aizsilniece