‘The Light of the World” (2011)

The book ‘The Light of the World’ is a comprehensive volume of an extended conversation with Benedict XVI (born 1927), a former head of the Roman Catholic Church, who retired from the Pope’s post in 2013 due to his respectable age and impaired state of health. In the book, Benedict XVI openly and directly discusses questions concerning God, the Church and the world.

No topic has been a taboo for this conversation. The Pope does not avoid difficult issues such as the mistakes and sins the Church itself has made, negligence, sexuality, pedophilia scandals, indifference in matters of faith, the global financial crisis.

‘Humanity stands at a turning point. This is the time of no return, the time of reflection and change,’ the author of the article, a German writer and journalist Peteris Zēvalds, writes in the introduction quoting the words of the Pope, ‘There are many problems that we will only be able to solve when we put God in the center – when God will once again be seen by the world.’