Atbalsts literaturas attistibai

Fostering the development
of literature

The development of Latvian literature is one of the long-term public support endeavours of Baltic International Bank. We at the Baltic International Bank are pleased to have been able to support a range of literary works of significance to Latvian literature and culture.

Implemented and current projects

Baltic International Bank and Valērijs Belokoņs personally have financially supported the implementation of more than 20 Latvian literary projects, including original literature, fiction, poetry, drama, art, as well as, books as artifacts, and encyclopedias.

par atbalstu

Initiators and participants of the implemented

The implemented literary projects are the result of personal initiative and participation of Latvian writers, translators, editors, publishers, and have been created in collaboration with Latvian publishing houses, libraries, museums, State Culture Capital Foundation, the Ministry of Culture, and other state and private sector organisations.

Valērijs Belokoņs

The owner of Baltic International Bank. A philanthropist supporting Latvian literature, having funded the publishing of more than 20 Latvian original literary works.

Valerijs Belokons