Video series on Latvian literature and libraries to be launched

What is literature and what is a library? The answers to these questions are being sought after within the framework of the “Library” project. The answers are provided by Latvian writers and other active creators of the Latvian literary life. There will soon be an opportunity to listen to and watch the video series “The Library”, which, approaching the 100th anniversary of Latvia, will be presented to the general public by Baltic International Bank, a long-standing patron of Latvian literature.

The campaign has engaged various renowned intellectuals, writers, creatives and other representatives of the intelligentsia: Nora Ikstena, Latvian writer, author of 25 books published in more than 30 countries; Andris Vilks, director of the National Library of Latvia; Kārina Pētersone, director of the Latvian National Library Support Society, former Minister of Culture (1998-2002); Zbigņevs Stankēvičs, metropolitan archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church; Valērijs Belokoņs, entrepreneur, owner of Baltic International Bank, philantropist who has financed more than 20 Latvian original books and national literary projects; Imants Lancmanis, historian of Latvian art, heraldry and art specialist, painter; Uldis Bērziņš, Latvian poet and translator; Māris Bērziņš, Latvian writer, author of 9 books, characters of which have „come to life” both in feature films and theatre performances; Sanita Stinkule, head of the Department of Ethnography of the National History Museum of Latvia, and other prominent figures of the Latvian literature and culture scene.

The project “Library” invites to tell stories about the importance of literature in people’s lives, stories about personal libraries, their content, and their emotional and professional value. Post series will be launched this September and will gradually reveal video stories on the subject – a new post once a month.

“Literature forms a human being, a nation, and a book is the manifestation of literature,” Zbigņevs Stankēvičs, the metrapolitan archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church, tells in one of the upcoming video materials. “Whereas the library is a collection of selected books that a person collects throughout their lifetime. By the books displayed in one’s library, one can understand what kind of a person this one is; find out what their interests are, and what is happening in their inner world – in the heart and in the consciousness – what their values, attitudes, and also ideals are.”

“To be honest, I was amazed when I got a hold of the complete array of the books, that had been published with the support of Baltic International Bank. That is quite a lot! Yet the quality is even more impressive. All the works are brilliant examples of contemporary literature both in content, and cover. These books are the crown jewels of the book publishing industry of our century,” says Andris Vilks, director of the National Library of Latvia, when commenting on the support provided for the book publishing up to this date.

The development of Latvian literature is one of the long-term public support endeavours of Baltic International Bank. The books published with the support of Baltic International Bank constitute a significant part of Latvian literature and cultural heritage.

At the heart of every nation’s national identity lays the knowledge of a country’s culture and history, therefore Baltic International Bank financially supports the publishing of books of national importance, and implementation of projects honouring literature (for example, exhibitions, presenting the Latvian Literature Annual LaLiGaBa Prize). The project “Library” is the initiative of Baltic International Bank.

During the public campaign, social network users are encouraged to create their own library stories and publish them in photo or video formats using hashtags #biblioteka and #manabiblioteka. In the personal library story the project organizers invite everyone to answer the following questions: what books are in your personal library, why these books exactly, and which book should be in the personal library of every Latvian?

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