Kas ir literatura


'Library' is the social initiative of the long term patron of literature 'Baltic International Bank' and popularises the importance of reading. The project encourages all readers of books to share their personal stories about the value of literature, the role books have had in their personal growth, as well as the emotional and professional significance of reading.

“Baltic International Bank”

The support and contribution to Latvian literature, art, culture, environment and community has been an inseparable part of “Baltic International Bank” for more than 26 years. Convinced that the awareness of a nations’ culture and history is at the core of all national identities, “Baltic International Bank” financially supports publishing of nationally important books and implements literary projects surrounding literature, including the most long-awaited and significant event in the field – the Annual Latvian Literature Award (LaLiGaBa)

The Project Team

Each project starts with an idea, however the key to each successfully accomplished task is a creative and responsible team. Our team is still creating and implementing new ideas to spark the desire to read in more and more people.