Kas ir literatura

What is literature?

We look forward to finding an answer to this question within the framework of the ‘Library’ project. Within this project we invite Latvian writers as well as other active participants of Latvian literary life to reveal to the general public stories about the importance of literature in their lives, stories about their personal libraries, the contents as well as the emotional and professional value their libraries imply. We encourage you to share, and let us capture these revelations in video series in order to create the opportunity for everyone to learn from these experiences.

What is literature to you?

What does a book mean to you? Do you have a personal library? Which do you think is the book that should be in the possession of every Latvian?
We kindly invite you to share your own very personal library story – make a post on it in photo or video format on your social networking profiles, just make sure to add the hashtag #biblioteka and #manabiblioteka.

Kas literatrura ir tev
Konkurss skoleniem

Competition for students

Latvian high-school students and students from vocational secondary education institutions can take part in this competition by submitting creative works of visual or written content regarding the topic of libraries. Students are encouraged to create photo and video stories or write essays on the following topics: ‘My favourite book in my school library’, ‘The world without printed books’, ‘A book with temper’. Deadline for submitting the works for the project ‘Library’ is October 19th, 2018.

Project team

The ‘Library’ project is initiated and founded by Baltic International Bank and carried out by the project team – people who create video stories with the participants of the project, such as Latvian writers, and other activists of Latvian literary life.

Projekta komanda