The “Family book’’ display

The travelling exhibition “Family book” will be set up in Rīga, Liepāja and Rēzekne in 2020.

The exhibition will display personal stories about 12 different Latvian families and their most important and cherished books.

The opening of the exhibition is expected in January 2020 in the National Library of Latvia, however in February the exhibition can be seen in Liepāja (in Liepājas Latviešu biedrības nams), and in March - at the Latgale embassy GORS in Rēzekne.

The Bīriņi Family
Book: The Bible (1889)

In Bīriņi Family, a book that has been passed down from generation to generation, is a 19th century edition of the Bible. The current holder of it is Ojārs Ēvalds Bīriņš, who says “It is a relic that has been passed down for 100 years. All of my ancestors have held it. That gives me strength and brings back warm memories of them”

Dzimtas grāmata
Dzimtas grāmata

The Garoza Family
Book: “ALA 50 līdz LV100” (2018)

An important book for The Garoza family – “ALA 50 līdz LV100” – is written by Ilze Garoza. It is a recap of the Latvian emigration history. “This book reveals many deeds Latvians living abroad have done for bettering this country”, as being told by Valdis Garoza. “For example, the connection with Latvia that has been and still is maintained for the kids, who are born in emigration- in Australia, Canada, Germany, America and other parts of the World. This book also depicts Latvia through the eyes of Latvians living abroad.

The Kansks Family
Book: “Возвращение к истоком” (2012)

The Kanski family cherishes a book that depicts facts and data of the origins and history of their family. In order to gather information and publish this book, research about the family history was carried out. Eižens Kanskis says “History by itself is very interesting, but especially if it is directly related to you. As soon as one starts unravelling clues of the past, many unanswered questions arise.
And each of these revelations bring a lot of satisfaction”.

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